Use What You’re Given

a cairn made from stones and shingle on the beach
a young monkey puzzle tree growning in the dunes

A lovely coastal walk recently showed a couple of interesting landmarks.

The first was a cairn, that someone had painstakingly created from the stones lying around the sand and water.

The second was a monkey puzzle tree that had clearly been blown onto the coastal land and found a way of growing and thriving in a less than natural habitat.

Both showed the importance of noticing what’s around you, using it in a different way and making the most of it. We can do this with ourselves, our skills, the people and places where we work.

A little curiousity, creativity and purpose can take us further, whatever we’re doing.

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By Paul Tran

Paul Tran helps people think and do things differently through training, facilitation, coaching writing and music. He enjoys spending time in nature, on beaches and mountains.