Looking Out to Sea

There is something relaxing about looking out to sea. Water can have such a calming effect on us. Look a little deeper. The sea teaches us much more. The open spaces create a blank canvas to plan and carry out our next moves. It can throw the unexpected towards us, teaching us to thrive in… Continue reading Looking Out to Sea

The Road Ahead

A busy week ended with a wonderful day in our favourite glen. A familiar walk has become slower & shorter, which means we get a closer, deeper look at the enchanting scenery. Thank you, Misty! The road ahead will bring us all some challenges. We’ll need to make the most of what we have, dig… Continue reading The Road Ahead

The Circle of Life

With all the changes of the past year, and the agility we’ve needed to keep things moving forward, it is good to have some familiarity in our lives. This weekend has seen familiarity in Eurovision (bravo, Italy!), the end of the football season and, as seen this morning, the week-old cygnets on the river. Every… Continue reading The Circle of Life