Running Up That Hill

When I was even younger, I did a bit of distance/cross country running. The advice that stuck with me was to run harder up a hill, keep your momentum downhill, then speed up as you get to the bottom and kick on (this was 40+ years ago, mind!). Like in business, and life in general,… Continue reading Running Up That Hill

Quiet Reflections

When things are busy, it’s important to take time to reflect. What’s working well, or not so well? What are the reasons behind that? What else can you do? Where can you get quality feedback to help you? Most of our thinking is done quickly, on instinct. Making decisions on the spur of the moment… Continue reading Quiet Reflections


Amidst the busyness in our lives, it is helpful to make time for some contemplation. Time and space to reflect on what has happened, what will happen and how we feel about it all. There is always a place for fast thinking and decision-making. Have a think about your situations that suit it. Then consider… Continue reading Contemplation