I worked yesterday and took today off. Now, there are many who frown at the idea of working at the weekend and taking a weekday off. There’s a logical reason for my decision. The forecast for yesterday was for poor weather. Today’s was better. So I worked yesterday when I could get on with it,… Continue reading Freedom

Plan B

Always have a Plan B. Whatever you are doing, however sure you are, you never know when or how things may change. Consider your options and be ready to make the changes you need. Plan B is a good habit that can increase your confidence and flexibility – we’re all going to need some of… Continue reading Plan B


Amidst the busyness in our lives, it is helpful to make time for some contemplation. Time and space to reflect on what has happened, what will happen and how we feel about it all. There is always a place for fast thinking and decision-making. Have a think about your situations that suit it. Then consider… Continue reading Contemplation