One Long Journey Leads to Another

This is my Baglama Saz. I heard someone playing one on YouTube and loved the sound, so I bought one. It arrived two years ago today. I followed its journey from Istanbul to Leipzig to East Midlands to Aberdeen, then to here. The second journey started with me slowly learning how to play an instrument… Continue reading One Long Journey Leads to Another

The Next Leap

In the 17th Century, Douglas Cargill, Presbyterian Minister and Covenanter, regularly evaded the authorities by leaping across the River Ericht at Blairgowrie, Perthshire. The spot became known as Cargill’s Leap. They caught him eventually, but he always got across the river. I have made many leaps in my life. Some successful, some less so. Many… Continue reading The Next Leap


No-one was there. That’s how we sometimes like it. We made a point of stopping at the kind of place people pass while they’re busy rushing from A to B. There was ‘nothing’ there. Except overgrown bushes, a variety of fungi, a couple of weathered picnic tables and midge. Hundreds of midge, looking for the… Continue reading Discovery