Running Up That Hill

a man running in the dunes

When I was even younger, I did a bit of distance/cross country running. The advice that stuck with me was to run harder up a hill, keep your momentum downhill, then speed up as you get to the bottom and kick on (this was 40+ years ago, mind!).

Like in business, and life in general, it’s all about raising your game when things get tougher, taking a breath, observing what is/isn’t working, making some tweaks, then picking up the pace again.

It’s been a while since I really sprinted up a hill. It probably showed, it certainly felt like it, but the thrill of the run and reaching the top never leaves you.

Whether you’re running up a hill, or facing a different kind of challenge, look at the target, go for it and live the thrill of the run!

a man running in the dunes

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By Paul Tran

Paul Tran helps people think and do things differently through training, facilitation, coaching writing and music. He enjoys spending time in nature, on beaches and mountains.