old WW2 defences along the Moray Coast
an old WW2 bunker sinking into the sand on the beach

A lovely, peaceful walk on the beautiful Moray Coast today.

On the beach, you can see the sea defences. A reminder of a time when the peace we often take for granted needed to be defended.

Peace can be hard work. Being comfortable in your true self, recognising the rights of self and ‘others’, tolerating them, working with them, even befriending them.

Most of us want peace. Sometimes, we let our attention slip and give some people the chance to take peace away from us.

It’s time for us all to work a bit harder to create and maintain peace throughout the world.

a line of WW2 defences on the beach

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By Paul Tran

Paul Tran helps people think and do things differently through training, facilitation, coaching writing and music. He enjoys spending time in nature, on beaches and mountains.