Four Seasons in One Day

Lochan Mor in Spring with reflections in the water

A great song by Neil Finn and often a good description of the weather up here in the Highlands.

Today saw a damp, cold, drizzly start, followed by sunshine, cloud, sunshine and a bit of snow up on the Cairngorm peaks.

Like the weather, life seems like four seasons in one day, too. Each week brings a patchwork of meetings, training sessions of different topics and lengths, a bit of time for playing music, reading and walking. The only constant is that everything is done from home!

I love the changeable climate up here and its unpredictability. It helps me to delve deep and explore how to get the best out of each situation. I am constantly learning and discovering.

I learn similar lessons through the variety of my work and the people I work with.

What do you like most about your climate and workload?

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By Paul Tran

Paul Tran helps people think and do things differently through training, facilitation, coaching writing and music. He enjoys spending time in nature, on beaches and mountains.