Different Perspectives

sunset over the moray firth
sunset over the sea

You get some cracking conversations before the start of a virtual session…

Him: ‘Bet you can’t wait to do some ‘proper’ training again.’

Me: ‘Well, I’d like to think I’m still doing proper training.’

I knew what he meant. He was surprised that I’ve enjoyed running virtual training sessions for seven years, rather than doing them because I ‘have to’. I was curious that he referred to it not being ‘proper’ training.

That is what can happen when we get stuck in our own perspective. It is good to have these conversations with those holding different views – they show us our world through a new lens. We may not agree with them, we often feel better for experiencing that different lens. And maybe they do, too?

On the beach today, we saw a stranded small whale at the water’s edge, surrounded by a large group of people. Keeping our distance, we asked one of them what they were going to do. They told us the poor creature was in fact a model – they were running a stranded sea mammal rescue course!

Here are some pictures of the perspectives we got on a recent sunset walk. Nature gives us different views, it’s up to us to notice.

Enjoy taking different perspectives!

sunset over moray firth

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By Paul Tran

Paul Tran helps people think and do things differently through training, facilitation, coaching writing and music. He enjoys spending time in nature, on beaches and mountains.