2022 – Looking Back with Thanks

man in a jumper playing a mandoline

I started the year wondering if I would complete another year working solely from home. That’s how it passed, though there were a couple of potential trips I couldn’t do due to existing commitments. I did have my first in-person meeting and demo training session for over two years, which was great fun…and positively received!

Work has been extremely productive, a full diary, working with people all over the world from our dining room. Deepening existing relationships and forging new ones. More time for writing, reading, blogging and playing mandolin, baglama saz and guitar. It is wonderful to have the time to do these things again, the creativity is having a great influence on my work.

a black whippet and a blue and white whippet on a dog bed

This year, we lost two dear friends and gained a wonderful one. Eivor was inspirational in how he dealt with his terminal illness with such grace and gusto. He departed in May, followed a week later by Pearl. We always said they were inseparable and so it proved.

It was a trying time, during a very productive time. We were so grateful for all the kind thoughts and messages from everyone.
Our intended break from dogs lasted three days, until we met the lovely Misty and took her on holiday the day after. It was as if we’d known each other for years. For all the times people have told us how good it is that we adopted a twelve-year old dog, it must be remembered how much Misty has helped us the last six months.

Our walks are slower and shorter these days, which has given us the chance to appreciate the places we know and discover new walks we may never have experienced.

a brindle whippet in front of a wood burning stove

The lasting memory of 2022 will be one of gratitude each other, for what we have, who we know and knew, the knowledge that whatever life has thrown at us, we’ve dealt with it, noticed the good in it and enjoyed it.

a loch with mountains and a few fluffy clouds

Life really is about noticing the good around you and working with it. I am grateful to have found work I love and plenty of people happy to give me interesting projects to deliver.

I met an old friend on Zoom recently. He said I looked and sounded content. I liked that.

For all the ambition and drive we may have, it is important to appreciate what and who is around you and derive pleasure, purpose and contentment from them.

a river and road seen from a pine-clad hillside in autumn

Thank you for playing your part in my 2022. You all helped me make it one to enjoy!

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By Paul Tran

Paul Tran helps people think and do things differently through training, facilitation, coaching writing and music. He enjoys spending time in nature, on beaches and mountains.